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Gary Watson is passionate about antiques and has an excellent and well-deserved reputation as an expert in the antiques field, having been in the business for over 30 years. Prior to opening The Attic in November 2011, Gary established an extensive network of antique experts, book, jewellery and fine art dealers, and his interests and areas of expertise cover almost everything from retro pieces to ancient artifacts.


Gary has a particular passion for gemology and jewellery and you'll find that there is very little he is not able to tell you about your granny's ring or your father's pocket watch. Just pop into the shop and ask for free advice, whether it's an item's value, age or authenticity that interests you.



The Attic supplies directly to antique emporia and dealers in Dorking, Hampton Court, Arundel, Brighton, Lewes and Central London.

The Attic 


This unique network of specialised contacts and experts enables Gary and his team to source individual items, large or small, that you may be looking for to add to your private collection, to decorate an individual room, to furnish an entire house or even to prettify your garden with interesting objects or old urns. We work with interior designers to supply the perfect pieces to complement their clients' requirements.


Gary is qualified to provide valuations for insurance, probate or family division and has a separate team available for either partial or full house clearances.

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